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As an old soul, you're called to follow your soul, honor your soul's longings.

But you might be wondering how exactly to do that!? 

Whether you're struggling with a scary decision, or your life is going through an inner upheaval, or your soul is seeking a transformation,

I can help!

I'm a Soulistic Life Coach for old souls who are already on their spiritual path, but may be feeling lost in a certain area of their life. I blend ancient wisdom + practical spirituality to help you make decisions and take actions that bring you closer to the life your Soul wants to live.


Let's get started creating a life of Peace, Presence and Purpose!

You're already on a spiritual path. But there's one thing that feels wrong...

How to be at PEACE?

You came with a unique set of gifts. You know you're here for a reason...

What's your PURPOSE?

There are hundreds of meditations, thousands of mindfulness techniques...

How to practice PRESENCE

"I have grown and transformed more in 7 weeks than in years!" -Alicia Dixon

I feel like I've grown and transformed more in these 7 weeks, than in years!

"When I first came to Saiisha, I had no direction in life, I didn’t know where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do – I wasn’t enjoying life. Something was missing. I knew there was more to be uncovered but I just didn’t know how to do it. [Soul-work] involves work but the results don’t just end after the session. I REALLY enjoyed working with Saiisha – I really appreciated how open and honest she was with me… I’m just so thankful the universe aligned our paths to cross!"

Alicia Dixon, California, USA


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Namaste, Saiisha