A Portion of all Sales goes toward supporting TENNIS-4-TEXTBOOKS!

The Story behind Tennis-4-Textbooks

A few years ago, when my son was in high school, he was a 1st / 2nd court varsity tennis player. Some of the younger kids wanted to learn from him, so he taught tennis in the summer. With the money he earned, we talked about giving it away to kids who needed it more than he did.

And so, he started a project called Tennis 4 Textbooks, where all the money he earned teaching tennis would go toward buy textbooks and school supplies to less fortunate kids.

We asked my dad (who has a philanthropic soul) to find a school we could support, and true to form, he went all out in doing his research and finding the perfect little school in a tiny remote village in India.

When we contacted them, they were grateful for the reach out, and what they wanted most was to build an assembly hall for the children to gather every morning, without having to stand in the hot sun.

It was much more than my son expected to fund, but the project was irresistible to us - so we all added money to his Tennis 4 Textbooks project and pretty soon, we sent off a big check to the school. They couldn't have been more grateful! They promised to put up a plaque in his name, and that thrilled him to no end :)

3 years later, we finally got to visit the school and this time around, my son did give out candy and textbooks and pens, which was after all what he wanted to do in the first place.

It was such a joy to see the giant smiles on the children's faces, we loved the easy camaraderie between the students and teachers, and most of all, we really appreciated their dedication to teaching the ancient wisdom of the Indian culture.

But the most important reason I wanted to share this story with you is that half the money that went into buying textbooks and pens and gifts of appreciation for the teachers came from YOU - I give a portion of every coaching session you purchase into this fund, and it's my deepest wish to continue to support such a well deserving cause.