From Stuck To Shanti – A Clarity Session For Your Soul!

s2sbutterflyYou have stepped on your spiritual path. You’re reading all the inspirational quotes and literature you can get your hands on, following all sorts of techniques for yoga and meditation and healthy eating. You feel like you’re straightening out certain areas of your life pretty well.

But there’s one specific thing that feels wrong in your life. Maybe a relationship that’s not working, maybe a career that’s sucking the soul out of you, maybe a deep desire that just doesn’t feel like it could happen for you right now.

You’re thinking, “if this one thing was resolved, my life would feel better!”

Does this sound like you right now: trapped, stuck, unable to step forward?

– Do you feel afraid you might make the wrong move or make a wrong decision?

– Do you worry about taking the next steps that are necessary?

– Do you feel anxious about upsetting someone in your life?

– Do you just wish you could be certain?


You want to FEEL FREE, not weighed down by your situation. You want to feel confident in your direction. You want to get on with your own journey, to know that you’ve made the right decision, to feel ready to take the right next step.

But you don’t know how to know that for sure. You feel like there’s no one you can ask. You feel like your loved ones might not understand your decisions. You wish you didn’t feel so uncertain!


Here’s what I know for sure: your soul already knows where it wants to go.
With STUCK TO SHANTI, I’ll teach you how to listen to the voice of your soul, to uncover your soul’s deepest desires, and to confidently decide on your next steps. You’ll also learn how to tackle such decisions every time you come to crossroads.


I was totally supposed to find you! Just filling out the Stuck-where questionnaire prior to our session was a big start to figuring out where I was stuck. Your encouragement and emails have meant so much to me – you seemed to always know what to say and when to say it. I like that you didn’t give me that answers, but in working with you, I realized the answers on my own. You helped support me in my feelings and helped me to not resist the fear that came up, but embrace it as a way to know that I was heading in the right direction. You’re very generous with your time, and you offer a unique perspective on issues without being overbearing. Saiisha, I just want to thank you immensely for everything. I really do feel like you came into my life at the perfect time. I recognize the synchronicity in our meeting! And if anyone happens upon you, they should follow through and have a session with you, because the Universe probably led them to you for a reason :) I would highly recommend you to others!

-Jammie Kohen


Here’s what you’ll get with STUCK TO SHANTI:

number1S2S Stuck-where Questionnaire. This simple but effective pre-session worksheet will help you (and I) to assess your current situation, where you’re feeling stuck and what your fears are

number2S2S Clarity Coaching Call. On our 60 minute call, we’ll dive deeper into your soul’s deepest desires and fears, and together, we’ll come up with your next steps

number3S2S Session Notes and Recording. After our call, you’ll receive a recording of the session, as well as notes and exercises to help you learn to lead with your soul


number4S2S Serenity Support. When you start working on your next steps, questions are a natural part of the process. I’ll continue to support you via email for 2 weeks after our session for any questions or concerns

number5S2S Resources and Recommendations.
During and after our session, I’ll also provide you resources and recommendations, that might include mantras, meditations or mindful practices tailored for you


As a soulistic life coach, my approach is entirely soul-centered, especially tuned to old souls like you. Although I’m deeply intuitive, and have a lifetime of practice with meditation, mantras and mudras, my techniques are very practical, geared toward making decisions and taking actions. I’ll help you make outer changes through your own inner wisdom.

I came to Saiisha because I was searching for an alternate perspective on my feelings and thoughts about creativity, art, sensuality and self-expression. Our conversation was very insightful and enlightening! I feel a lot more relaxed and peaceful since our session, and more confident in my own understanding. I sought clarity and that’s what I found! I’m grateful to Saiisha for sharing her gift with me!!

-Zia Estrella,


It felt so good learning to lead with my soul instead of my head. Thank you so much!

-Jenny Huinker


I had so many questions when I came to Saiisha – from guilt, to shame, to wishing to know the meaning of life! She was a great listener and was really right on about pretty much everything about me. Since our session, I’m more conscious of what I’m grateful for, taking care of myself physically and emotionally, and to be the best version of myself that I can be in each moment. Saiisha really does know what she’s talking about! :)

-Laura Ryding-Becker


s2sbutterflyAre you ready to find freedom to move past your stuck situation?

If you haven’t worked with me before, my clients will tell you that I’m incredibly generous with my time, and entirely non-judgmental of your situation. We’re all in the same situation – that of humanness. 

I’m here to support you and your journey: Because that is my journey and my purpose.

If you’re ready to go from Stuck To Shanti,
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You went above and beyond what I paid for, and I hope to work with you again!

-Sam Brogue

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I’d be honored to be part of your journey. May you walk your path with Peace, Presence and Purpose!