Soul's Goals

What are your Soul’s Goals? Do you know them?

Oh this mad race called living!

We run all day long, doing things, achieving things, accomplishing things, and calling it a success. And maybe it is – we meet our goals to finish school, earn a degree, get a job, buy a house, build a family, and then what? What are we learning through living? What are we getting out of life? A bit of peace, a little contentment, some succor for your soul?

But what is your soul striving for? Does it have goals? Do you know the 3 ultimate goals of your soul’s journey?


Yes, we all have different lives, different paths, our own individual journeys of the soul, but…

Our soul is seeking the same 3 things on its journey(s):

1. Fearlessness

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but fear is a BIG hurdle on all our journeys. It can take on different names and different forms, but at the bottom of it all, fear is simply fear. Fear can make us question our soul’s desires, take us two steps backwards, or literally stop us in our tracks. Our mind uses fear as an operating mechanism, and so does society, religion, government. So the biggest lesson (and this is a lesson that keeps repeating in various forms) that our soul wants to learn is to become fearless. Fearless in its direction, fearless in its desires, fearless in its dreams. Imagine a life lived without fear!

2. Freedom

And then imagine a life lived free! The Human side of us – the mind, the ego, the fear, the logic – is always trying to pull us down to earth; whereas the Being side of us – our heart and soul – is always trying to soar. To let go of the bondages that bind us, to detach ourselves from things that cling, to disengage from beliefs, behaviors and people that hold us back. Our soul wants to follow simple things like love, joy, and laughter. It wants to fly. It wants to be free.

3. Fulfillment

And the final F – Fulfillment – I use this word because there are so many words and concepts for the same goal – enlightenment, ascension, samadhi, self-realization, nirvana, etc. But no matter what you call it, the end goal of your soul’s journey is fulfillment of its destiny. Fulfillment of the life it lived. Finding its final home.

We all have our own lives, our own journeys – some simple, some overly complicated – but all for the same purpose – ultimately, these are the 3 goals we’re trying to live up to on our soul’s journeys.

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