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You are a spiritual seeker.

You want to connect with your soul, listen to your inner guidance, and live a life led by your inner wisdom.

But there are so many solutions out there!

Hundreds of meditation practices, thousands of mantras, and a countless number of mindfulness suggestions.

So what’s YOUR way? 

How to know what works for YOU? Which prayers or meditations? What movements or exercises? Which tools and techniques?



sanskrit word for a ritual practice to achieve spiritual objectives

Our daily lives are so crammed with things and doings and going-ons –busy, busy, busy all the time...

Providing space for our soul has become the hardest thing for us!

But your Soul is always there... waiting for you

IF you can make space for it

So invite it in! In a way that actually works for you.

Let me know if this sounds like you

– You want to have a daily practice but don’t know how to set one up

– Or you have a practice, but you tend to get bored, and browse the internet instead

– Or you’re not sure if the practice you set up is actually working

– Or if you tend to be drawn to every new suggestion that comes your way

If this sounds like you, you need to know the 7 components to include in YOUR particular practice!

Introducing Soul Sadhana

A daily Sadhana tailored specifically for YOU improves your energy, your emotions, your moods, unblocks your creativity, and allows you to tap into your deepest intuition so that you can connect with your soul.

And the flip side of not having a practice that works is what Thomas Moore said in his Care of the Soul: “When soul is neglected, it doesn’t just go away; it appears symptomatically in obsessions, addictions, illnesses, violence, and loss of meaning.”



Spiritual Sadhana Style Quiz

to narrow down what your ideal personal practices would be, based on your spiritual personality type


7 Steps for a Spiritual Sadhana

In our 90 minute one-on-one session, I’ll provide you the set of core components (based on 7 of the Sutras of yoga) that will give structure and guidance for your practice


A Personally Tailored Practice

We’ll also come up with a unique combination of mantras, meditations or mindfulness practices that would be specifically tailored for you.


An Accountability Partner for 40 Days

As you create, change and customize your practice, I’ll provide 40 full days of email support, guidance and accountability partnership.


[NEW] Wrap-up session to Finalize your Custom Practice

Once you've created and customized your practice, we'll meet for a 30-minute wrap-up session to review, tweak and finalize your practice.


Session Recording

You’ll receive a recording of our session, so you can go back and listen to it later to re-capture your a-has


Custom Guiding Materials

During and after our session, I’ll also provide you resources that might include links and recommendations gathered specifically to guide you in your practice

"Saiisha showed me what I was most seeking even when I didn't fully understand it myself!" -Anna Romero

Saiisha showed me what I was most seeking even when I didn’t fully understand it myself!

Just when I was thinking about getting back into practicing meditation, I felt guided towards Saiisha – I felt like that an opportunity was put in front of me to take. She helped show me how to connect all the pieces together and then create a practice that enhanced what I had. She was very intuitive, curious and knowledgeable – she could sense where I was in my journey and showed me what I was most seeking even when I didn’t fully understand it myself. Working with her was such a joy – she has such a beautiful spirit, and I felt so at ease with her!

- Anna Romero,

Hi! I'm Saiisha

As a soulistic life coach, my approach is entirely soul-centered, especially tuned to old souls like you!

  • I'm deeply intuitive, sensitive to your needs, and persistent in delivering what I promise
  • I have a lifetime of practice with meditation, mantras and mindfulness techniques
  • My techniques are practical, perfect for creating a practice that will actually work for you, the modern woman
  • And most importantly, I have done (and still doing) this soul-work myself!

I can't wait to show you how YOU can create your own practice of Peace & Presence

Ready to create your own Soul Sadhana?

Soul Sadhana is a great way to get started on creating a life-long practice, even if you don’t have a practice at all.

Or if you have one but want to build upon it to make it stronger and more personal.

Within 40 days you’ll have created your own custom practice.

If you stay with it for a year, you become a genuine student of your own Sadhana.

And If you stick with it for 10 years you’d have evolved and elevated your practice into serving your soul.

Step by small step, Soul Sadhana will change your life.

Your Investment: only $299 USD 

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4. Next steps include the link to take your Spiritual Sadhana Style quiz

5. And a link to my calendar to schedule our 60 minute session together

That’s it!

"I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Saiisha - she is really good at what she does!" -Kim Sturdivant

Saiisha is really good at what she does!

She has a calming voice, a pleasant demeanor, not pushy, VERY accommodating, an intuitive. In talking to Saiisha, I felt validated about my spiritual practices, and also got great ideas of some places and some things where I want to get out of my comfort zone and spruce up my routine. I know several people who I’ll be sharing this website with, because I know that she’ll be able to help my friends just as well as she did with me. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Saiisha – I really got a LOT out of it!!

-Kim Sturdivant, Alabama, USA

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I’d be honored to be part of your soul’s journey. May you walk your path with Peace, Presence and Purpose!