Where are you on your Soul’s Journey? Take the Quiz!


Our soul is like a tiny egg of the universe planted within each of us. It is the vehicle that Creation (Prakriti) has developed for the purpose of conscious evolution. And the human body is a vehicle for the soul to explore its connection with the universe.


It is the soul’s journey to grow from being a seed, over various stages and lives, to ultimately grow towards self realization. As the soul evolves through each stage, it carries the wisdom that it gained, the lessons it learned, the karmic propensities it recorded, and the urging to take its next steps.


The soul within every individual is undying, and has an underlying sense of self that cannot be ignored. It is each person’s responsibility to follow your purpose, unfold your inner potential, and manifest the universal consciousness. An enlightened soul becomes a small sun herself, radiating light, life and awareness out to everyone else.


Evolution of the soul is the joy with which life and creation naturally blossom. We must follow this joy to discover our purpose, the meaning of our life, and get a perspective of where we are.


I’ve used the metamorphosis of the Butterfly as a metaphor to illustrate the various stages of the soul’s journey. To take our next steps, we need to first figure out where we are. A person’s beliefs, behaviors, perspectives and propensities can be a valuable way to recognize where we are on our own personal journeys.


TAKE THE SOUL JOURNEY QUIZ to see where you are. It’s a series of 20 questions – don’t overthink your answers – simply go with your instinct. If the quiz resonates with you, I’d be honored to be part of your journey to take your next steps.

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