How Your Karma Is Creating Universal Consciousness


A little quick-math: would you agree –

If A=B and B=C, then A=C?

So, if You are the creator of your karma, and Karma is the key for the evolution of universal consciousness, therefore You are the key to the creation of universal consciousness!

How will you use your power??

And that includes every desire, fear, belief, intention, influence, experience; essentially every energy vibration that ever passed through it. (These are called Samskaras in Sanskrit).

Your life is created based on your soul’s past, present and future Karmic propensities. Karma gives you the reins, lets you create your reality, and then holds you responsible for your creation. So the white board where you create your karmic formulas is essentially your own life. This precious life.

To transform your karma, it’s not enough to just do good deeds, but for your soul to wake up! When you operate from your inner most awakened self, (and not your physical and mental realities) then you’re in alignment with the universe. When you live your life in alignment with the universe, then the whole universe is open to your thoughts, words, actions and intentions. In this way, Karma holds you responsible for the evolution of universal consciousness (or unconsciousness).

  • When you become aware, the universe becomes aware.
  • When you unfold your purpose, the universe’s purpose unfolds.
  • When you become conscious, you create universal consciousness.

Now that you know this, you can act from a place of power, and not from a place of fatalistic apathy. When you act with this level of unity with the universe and your fellow beings, you become the universal force of evolution.

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2 thoughts on “How Your Karma Is Creating Universal Consciousness

  1. Great article! Yes, we are the masters of our fate.

    One of the things that keeps coming up for me is the fact that I have to consistently do this work — the work of being self-reflective and thinking positive thoughts and creating my life. It’s really easy to be insightful and joyous one moment and then in the next be down. So, we must always be aware of our thoughts and feelings to improve our lives.

    Thanks for this reminder.

    • Thanks for your insightful comment Jennifer! You’re absolutely right – it’s not a one-time wake-up call; it’s the way we should strive to live our lives, every moment – from a state of awakened consciousness.

      But the good thing is that the more we actually try, the wake-ups come faster and more often, and one day we don’t have to try any longer. We BECOME consciousness.

      Imagine that universe :)

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