Hi! I’m Saiisha

I first started meditating when I was 5 years old, when my grandfather woke me every morning before sunrise, to sit in a lamp-lit room to meditate for a half-hour. I started learning yoga about 10 years later, and have been practicing on and off since. I spent 4 precious years of my life as an onsite student at an ashram in India.

And then the egg cracked and broke open. I flew from my nest, spread my wispy wings to find my way in the wide, wild world. I became a wife, a mother, a working woman with a corporate career. I tried to learn the ways of the world, went off on tangential flights, and lost my way. I fell asleep in the folds of maya.

Finally at 36, something awakened in me (a story for another time), and it is true what they say – once you’re awakened, you can never fully fall back asleep. Moments of awakenings keep cropping up – this will continue until the soul evolves into its true self. These moments of wakefulness is when I feel so alive, intensely purposeful, exquisitely tuned to the universe.

The tools that have helped (and still help) me on my own journey are ancient Vedic practices like meditation, self-inquiry, yoga and several others that I talk about on my blog and newsletter. I’ve used these tools to find my own purpose(s) in this life, and also to find the courage to pursue my path, purpose and passion. As part of my journey, I recently bought my own little Nest in the Forest, and I’m making my home in here.  It’s been an incredible learning experience all along, and with each lesson, I gathered a precious feather to line my nest.

And following the ancient Vanaprastha tradition, it’s not enough for me to go to the woods, but more important that I share what I learned.

My Dharma is to coach older souls who’ve been on the spiritual path with various teachers and gurus, but are still feeling lost. I guide them to make decisions and take actions that bring them closer to the life they’re meant to live.

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Peace and Gratitude,


Vanaprastha [vaa-na-pra-stha] Sanskrit 'Vana' forest, 'Prastha' gone to. It is the third of four phases of a man in the Vedic Ashram system. This stage is a transition phase from material to spiritual life. (The "I went to the woods" quote is of course, Thoureau's)