I went to the woods because


Hi! I'm Saiisha

I’m a Soulistic Life Coach for old souls who are already on their spiritual path, and longing to make decisions and take actions that would bring you closer to the life your soul wants to live.

If you’re an old soul who:

  • is a seeker – you love to learn and explore life and spirituality,
  • is intuitive, empathic, soulful – and know you have a lot to give,
  • wants to change what’s not working so you can make your life more meaningful,
  • and you have a deep knowing that you’re here for a purpose...

I’m honored to be your guide on Your Soul’s Journey!

Why Me

I am an old soul, like you.

I know your soul's longings and fears.

I've gone through my own inner awakening... 

And created a new life following my Soul.

I was taught meditation when I was 5 years old

and spent 4 years in an Ashram in India

In my bleakest moments, I've been fortunate to

fall back to my deep roots in the ancient wisdom of

Meditation, Yoga and Spirituality as a way of life.

I'm a trained yoga teacher, a certified meditation coach

and a Soulistic Life Coach for old souls.


And my work now is to help You walk your Soul's path!

My Story

I first started meditating when I was 5 years old.

When my grandfather woke me every morning before sunrise, to sit in a lamp-lit room to meditate for a half-hour.

I started learning yoga about 10 years later, and have been practicing on and off since.

I spent 4 precious years of my life as an onsite student at an ashram in India.

And then the egg cracked and broke open. I flew from my nest, spread my wispy wings to find my way in the wide, wild world. I went to school, I went to college, I got a couple of degrees in computer sciences, I got married, I had a child, I got a well-paid job, got promoted to a vice president - I became "a working woman with a corporate career."

I tried to learn the ways of the world, went off on tangential flights, and lost my way.

I fell asleep in the folds of maya.

Finally at 36, my soul started waking up within.

And started nudging me to notice all the things that were feeling wrong. I noticed that all those early stages of my life were set up by the society around me. I was following someone else's flow. I was doing what I was "supposed to do."

I noticed that I wasn't actually myself when I went to work - I had created a mask - a persona - I wore a suit, I drove into work, I hated driving in that traffic, and I didn't agree with the pollution I was creating, but besides that - I hated the work, I hated the glass and brick buildings, the stuffy sealed air, I hated my boss, I hated networking, meetings, work lunches - just the meaninglessness of my everyday work, their silly rating system for promotions... and yet I had created a person, a persona, that seemed just fine on the outside, who was perfectly fine going along with all this corporate culture.

And there were other personas I put on for other events, for other people, and other areas of life. I felt like I was living the life of multiple personalities - none of them myself.

That's when it felt like everything came crashing down on the inside - this realization that I wasn't WHOLE. The only time I felt like I was myself was in solitude. So I started carving out alone time, when I would meditate, journal, or cry myself to sleep. I started going away on solitary retreats to find who I am, when I didn't have to be all these other people.

More than anything, I really just wanted to be ME.

Out of this misery and this inner work, came a mystical experience - an inner awakening. One night I had a dream of a gorgeous golden butterfly sitting in a nest - that butterfly had seemed surreal, magical! The caterpillar broke out of its cocoon and found that it became a butterfly - poised for freedom! Since that day, it was like something within me broke open and the light was let in. I felt like I was on an ecstatic high, and that state lasted for about 2-3 years. My meditations during that period were just amazing, my dreams every night were spiritual, symbolic, and synchronistic events came pouring in; there were visions of a future that I didn't know was my own. And even in my waking hours I felt like I was in a different state of consciousness, like I was untouchable, as if no one could hurt me.

Something changed in me forever, a veil of illusion has been swept aside. I connected with a wisdom within me that I had not known existed.

And somehow the butterfly of my many dreams came back into my work as well - that's how the 7 stages of the soul's journey came to be.

See where YOU are on your journey to Peace, Presence and Purpose!

Because it's true what they say  – once you’re awake, you can never fully fall back asleep. These moments of wakefulness is when I feel so alive, intensely purposeful, exquisitely tuned to the universe.

But that's when the real work began - it was not enough to experience and connect with that deepest part of my being, but now I had to bring it out into my everyday life, my external life. My priorities shifted, my commitments changed - I committed to my spiritual path that was calling me. I discovered my own inner wisdom that was guiding me, and I made a conscious decision to follow it.

The tools that have helped (and still help) me on my own journey are ancient vedic practices like meditation, self-inquiry, yoga and several others that I talk about on my blog and website. I’ve used these tools to find and follow my own purpose(s) in this life, as well as to serve other women who are on their journey to find their truth.

I'm a certified meditation coach, a trained yoga teacher, and a soulistic life coach.

Eventually, as part of my journey, I quit my corporate job, I bought a little home in the woods, and called it my Nest in the Forest. I made a deliberate decision to switch my life from a material, societal way of living, to a Spiritual Way of Being.

Helping other women on their soul's journeys became my Dharma.


My Dharma

Dharma, the cosmic wisdom that prompts the universe, is also the inner wisdom that guides you and me.

My Dharma arises from the ancient Vanaprastha tradition of stepping back from society's grasp, and stepping into a spiritual way of life. But it's not enough for me to go to the woods seeking this way of being; I must also share what I learned.

My Dharma is to help other old souls like you, who are already on a spiritual path, but may still be feeling lost in certain areas of your life. I help them make decisions and take actions that would bring you closer to the life your soul wants to live

DISCLAIMER: I have a soft spot for women who are going through a "my-life-is-completely-tossed-up-in-the-air" feeling, but wanting to use this deep inner awakening to create transformative change in their outer lives ♥

My Way of Life

Vanaprastha [vaa-na-PRA-stha] noun. /Sanskrit: 'vana' forest, 'prastha' gone to

Vanaprastha is the phase in a person's life when she "goes to forest" in order to let go of the material life, and to transition into a Spiritual Way of Being.

So my Vanaprastha way of life is:

To be in harmony with my thoughts, words and actions
because I believe they are what we manifest in the outer world.

To be at one with nature, her children, and the universe
because we are all children of mother nature - we're all connected at the Soul.

To be in alignment with my mind, body and soul 
because I believe they contain the deep wisdom that I'm meant to allow to lead me in my life

To practice peace, presence and purpose
because those are the essentials that call to me at the deepest core of being

To never stop asking, "who am I?"
because that's the journey of my soul, to seek and live my answer


  • If you've always felt like you don't quite fit in with the society,

  • If you crave solitude, but love deep conversations,

  • If you consider yourself sensitive, intuitive and empathic,

  • If you're on a spiritual path that people around you don't always get,

You'll love the camaraderie of kindred spirits in our small community: