Happy Clients Said…

I was totally supposed to find you!

jammieportraitJust filling out the questionnaire prior to our session was a big start to figuring out where I was stuck. Your encouragement and emails have meant so much to me – you seemed to always know what to say and when to say it. I like that you didn’t give me the answers, but in working with you, I realized the answers on my own. You helped support me in my feelings and helped me to not resist the fear that came up, but embrace it as a way to know that I was heading in the right direction. You’re very generous with your time, and you offer a unique perspective on issues without being overbearing. Saiisha, I just want to thank you immensely for everything. I really do feel like you came into my life at the perfect time. I recognize the synchronicity in our meeting! And if anyone happens upon you, they should follow through and have a session with you, because the Universe probably led them to you for a reason :) I would highly recommend you to others!

-Jammie Kohen


This is spirituality for *real* life!

meganBefore I signed up with Saiisha, I thought I might have difficulty finding time to slow down and I wondered whether I’d actually be able to use her resources to reconnect and reinvigorate myself. Once I signed up, the initial easy wins were very motivating and reassuring.

I notice I am kinder to myself, and that makes me kinder to others, especially my husband. Saiisha helped me see how little effort was actually required to regain my center on a daily basis. She makes it so easy to put soul-connection into practice; her steps are the perfect size for taking practical action while also feeling a difference!

-Megan Barnhard, www.wholeed.com


I find it very valuable to have a guide who has been there!

cindyBefore I had decided to work with Saiisha, I had been going to a traditional counselor for about 2 1/2 years, and it really wasn't working for me. Their approach just didn't seem to produce results, and I was frustrated. I was suffering and didn't want to waste time and energy on anything that was not speaking to my soul.

When I found Saiisha, and first took her Soul Journey Quiz, I was drawn to work with her - I hoped that she could guide me to do the work from a different angle - from a soul perspective, that would allow my true purpose and happiness to emerge! Working with Saiisha confirmed many things I had been thinking about, and gave me new ways to look at my life and my soul-work that I have ahead. I find it very valuable to have a guide who has been there. Now I'm energized and looking forward to the year ahead!!

-Cindy Dallar, Connecticut, USA


I feel like I have grown and transformed more in these past 7 weeks than I have in years!

aliciaWhen I first came to Saiisha, I had no direction in life, I didn’t know where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do – I wasn’t enjoying life. Something was missing. I knew there was more to be uncovered but I just didn’t know how to do it.

Now, after doing the Discover Your Dharma work, it’s hard to put into words, but I feel more in tune with myself. The session helped me (and is still helping me) see me for who I really am and what I really want out of this world and why I am here. DYD involves work but the results don’t just end after the 7 week session. I REALLY enjoyed working with Saiisha – I really appreciated how open and honest she was with me… I’m just so thankful the universe aligned our paths to cross!

–Alicia Dixon, California


Saiisha showed me what I was most seeking even when I didn't fully understand it myself!

Just when I was thinking about getting back into practicing meditation, I felt guided towards Saiisha - I felt like that an opportunity was put in front of me to take.  She helped show me how to connect all the pieces together and then create a practice that enhanced what I had.

She was very intuitive, curious and knowledgeable - she could sense where I was in my journey and showed me what I was most seeking even when I didn't fully understand it myself. Working with her was such a joy - she has such a beautiful spirit, and I felt so at ease with her!

-Anna Romero, www.careernomad.com



She helped me reach a place I had never dreamt possible!

I knew I had to leave my job in the corporate world as it was tearing out my soul, but I had such a huge amount of fear holding me back. I felt stuck, unable to move forward. I had worked with a coach in the past but felt I needed to get to the next level. When I met Saiisha, I loved that she has such a passion for her work, a very understanding and caring approach, which instantly made me feel at ease. Saiisha has a talent, a heart-felt authentic approach, she is a gift to the world.

I feel very blessed to have found her and worked with her - she's helped me reach a place I never dreamt possible - relinquishing my fear, and moving forward with love. She has inspired me to create a life I love, and for that I will be eternally grateful. She has helped me in ways I didn't think possible. I no longer feel stuck, and my life is zooming forward at an exhilarating pace. Thank you Saiisha, for your guidance, wisdom, patience and love, all packaged in a simple, effective way. I've never felt as happy as I do right now, or as excited for the future.

Thank you, thank you, thank you xxxxx

-Helen Lea, UK


“Peace” is palpable in every interaction with you


You have brought a sense of peaceful simplicity to what seemed terribly complicated to me before, particularly where my work is concerned, and this session has helped me to focus on what is most meaningful.

Your genuine nature is evident… and “peace” is palpable in every interaction with you.

-Catherine, www.NaturalHealingConnection.com




I was lost and confused, but Saiisha was able to guide me to a spiritual solution to my problem

Before I found Saiisha, I was a bit lost, totally confused about a certain decision, and was soul-searching to find a solution. When I came across Saiisha I wasn't sure if it would make sense to work with someone remotely over the phone, but it was amazing working with her - she was able to easily interpret my situation, and was able to guide me toward the spiritual nature of my problem. She was very generous with her time and very detailed in sharing her knowledge. Within one session, I was so clearly able to distinguish between the voice of my mind versus the voice of my soul! And now I know that I can ask my soul for an answer, and be quite clear that I'm guided by my soul. Saiisha knows her work well, and she can definitely help anyone find spiritual solutions to their problems! 

-Isabel K, London, UK


Saiisha is really good at what she does!

kimShe has a calming voice, a pleasant demeanor, not pushy, VERY accommodating, an intuitive. In talking to Saiisha, I felt validated about my spiritual practices, and also got great ideas of some places and some things where I want to get out of my comfort zone and spruce up my routine. I know several people who I’ll be sharing this website with, because I know that she’ll be able to help my friends just as well as she did with me.

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Saiisha – I really got a LOT out of it!!

– Kim Sturdivant



She went above and beyond what I paid for, and I hope to work with her again!

Before coming to Saiisha, I had a lot of confusion, questions, curiosity, and reservations. I wanted to work with someone genuine (a rarity these days)… Working with Saiisha was motivating, uplifting, spiritually stimulating… She went above and beyond what I paid for, and I hope to work with her again! Thank you is an understatement but I’m lacking words to express my gratitude. Bless her for all she does, and for offering herself to others like me on this path. Grace!!!

-Sam Brogue


Saiisha is very insightful and compassionate!

rie2I signed up with Saiisha when a friend told me that she helped her through her fear. I went to her at a time when I was feeling scattered, insecure, and uncertain. Our session helped me to uncover what my fear was all about. I came away much more self-aware, and clear with my intentions to move forward.

Saiisha is very insightful and compassionate, and I really enjoyed working with her!

-Rie Ogawara, California



We need more human beings like her on the planet!

At first I had some apprehensions whether Saiisha would be able to resolve my confusion at the current state of my journey, but once I spoke with her, I felt comfortable, I felt like she was someone who is at peace with herself. She was easy to talk to, a good listener, non-judgmental, compassionate, and very competent in the knowledge of the spiritual journey and the resources which could help me in my journey. I could see she made a great deal of progress on her own spiritual journey and is warm in her willingness to mentor others on their path. I was able to be quite open with my questions and gained great clarity about my concerns. I appreciated that she was willing to explore my concerns further rather than just giving me the answers. It is my good fortune to have connected with Saiisha. We need more human beings like her on the planet!

-Santosh Bhalla


Saiisha really does know what she’s talking about! :)

I had so many questions when I came to Saiisha – from guilt, to shame, to wishing to know the meaning of life! She was a great listener and was really right on about pretty much everything about me. Since our session, I’m more conscious of what I’m grateful for, taking care of myself physically and emotionally, and to be the best version of myself that I can be in each moment. Saiisha really does know what she’s talking about! :)

-Laura Ryding-Becker


She sees life as a spiritual experience – that was a radical thought and an inspiring thing to witness!

I had never worked with a coach before, but I had no reservations in approaching Saiisha! I was dealing with negative mental patterns, and worrying (not relaxing), comparing myself to others, not feeling good enough. During our session, Saiisha gave me the confidence to feel joy and enthusiasm to be in this phase of dedication to Love and to the Self. I’ve learned to connect with that quiet part of myself, and I notice that I spend less time in those negative states of mind, precisely because I’m not condemning myself for having them! I’ve been telling all my friends that it was really helpful to work with Saiisha because she sees life as a spiritual experience – and that was a radical thought and an inspiring thing to witness! Obrigada!!

-Ana Guerra


I sought clarity and that’s what I found!

I came to Saiisha because I was searching for an alternate perspective on my feelings and thoughts about creativity, art, sensuality and self-expression. Our conversation was very insightful and enlightening! I feel a lot more relaxed and peaceful since our session, and more confident in my own understanding. I sought clarity and that’s what I found! I’m grateful to Saiisha for sharing her gift with me!!

-Zia Estrella, www.JustBeLight.com


Saiisha was so intuitive and knew what questions to ask

I thought it might be hard to have a coaching session with Saiisha over the phone, but my friend encouraged me to try it and I loved it! Saiisha was so intuitive and knew what questions to ask and how to lead me to talk about my fears and frustrations.

– Debbie Meyer


I wanted to say a heartfelt Thank you for sharing your magic.

I always gain a sense of calm and a deep connection, and I feel blessed that you share your knowledge. I have so much to learn from your teachings. I will incorporate them into the way I work, and my new venture of supporting women find and follow their path with purpose.

-Michelle, www.SimplyDynamic.org.uk

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