Dreaming big? You need something stronger than your Will Power to make it come true!

Dreaming big? You need something stronger than will power to make your dreams come true. Click to see...

January is such a lovely time of year for new beginnings! So what are you dreaming up for this year!? Come on over and share on the Old Souls Club… I’d love to cheer you on in your journey :)   But we all know how difficult it is to sustain the energy and excitement … Read more

[Tiny Technique]: One small step to creating a more mindful and more conscious 2018!

Tiny Technique to create mindful conscious 2018

I love this time of year, between Winter Solstice and New Year’s Day!   When the days are darker and the nights are longer – it’s almost as if we’re given an invitation to slow down even more, sit still with ourselves more, and listen to the secrets of our soul more.   Because in that stillness, … Read more

[Podcast] How to live a Soul-led life in the Modern-day Clamor!? Listen in…

Soul to Soul Conversations - an interview with Saiisha and Uma Girish

If you’re a seeker and an old soul, I know you love deep, connected conversations! My soul comes alive when I connect with a kindred spirit on this soul-led journey :) Here’s one such conversation with my friend Uma Girish, who’s a grief counselor, and does such amazing, important work for those who are grieving their … Read more

2 problems people have when meditating – see if you can relate…

2 problems people have when meditating

So you set time aside, make sure all your electronics are turned off, you have some alone-time, and you sit down to meditate. And of course, the first thought that comes up is, “hmm… how will I know how long I sit here… maybe I should set a timer… oh boy, that means I need … Read more

Sensitive soul at a Social Event? 3 Ways to Shield and Protect your Energy

sensitive soul at a social event? 3 ways to shield and protect your energy

Are you nervous about an upcoming family event? Maybe you’re feeling uncomfortable about a holiday party? Do you worry about feeling drained from all the negative energy around you?   If you’re a sensitive soul sitting in the midst of a social gathering making small talk, I’m sure you’re nervous just thinking about the event! Energy is … Read more

Do I really need to go off into the woods to find myself!?

Do I really need to go off into the woods to find myself?

As utterly romantic as it might sound to leave your life and go off into the woods, or as tempting to go climb a mountain to meditate, or even travel the world to find yourself, you might sometimes wonder if that kind of drama is really necessary!? :) I received a couple of questions about this … Read more

The 4 Phases of Your Soul’s HUMAN Journey: Find out which phase you’re in!

I don’t know if you’re 36 or 56, a mom or a career woman, but I do know this about you – You’re a seeker, an old soul, an explorer of your own soul’s path. How do I know this? Because you’re here with me every week, learning more about that path. You thirst for the … Read more

Feeling selfish following your Soul? (esp. when you think it’s hurting others)

Does following your soul feel selfish, especially when you think you are hurting others

One of the most popular ways that people choose to work with me is to learn how to know the difference between their soul’s voice and their mind’s voice. This, in essence, is the tug of war that goes on within us whenever there’s a decision to make.   And the biggest struggle my clients go … Read more

Bullying Life Coaches – is this a thing now!?

Bullying life coaches - 5 bullying tactics to avoid

I’ve heard three different stories of life coaches being aggressive, demeaning, or downright abusive – just this week alone, and I’m honestly horrified! Apparently, October is also the National Bullying Prevention month, so let’s talk about it.   HAVE YOU HEARD OF THESE BEFORE? A coach who encouraged her client to go into debt to continue working together … Read more

Why you shouldn’t trust your Conscience! (and what to do instead…)

Why you should not trust your Conscience. And what to do instead

As you probably already know, our Conscience is one of our inner voices that guides us toward “rightness” or “wrongness” of our thoughts and behaviors. We use our Conscience as a tool for judgment between right and wrong. However, Have you ever considered where this Conscience comes from? And whether we should trust it implicitly? … Read more