Sensitive soul at a Social Event? 3 Ways to Shield and Protect your Energy

sensitive soul at a social event? 3 ways to shield and protect your energy

Are you nervous about an upcoming family event? Maybe you’re feeling uncomfortable about a holiday party? Do you worry about feeling drained from all the negative energy around you?   If you’re a sensitive soul sitting in the midst of a social gathering making small talk, I’m sure you’re nervous just thinking about the event! Energy is … Read more

Do I really need to go off into the woods to find myself!?

Do I really need to go off into the woods to find myself?

As utterly romantic as it might sound to leave your life and go off into the woods, or as tempting to go climb a mountain to meditate, or even travel the world to find yourself, you might sometimes wonder if that kind of drama is really necessary!? :) I received a couple of questions about this … Read more

The 4 Phases of Your Soul’s HUMAN Journey: Find out which phase you’re in!

I don’t know if you’re 36 or 56, a mom or a career woman, but I do know this about you – You’re a seeker, an old soul, an explorer of your own soul’s path. How do I know this? Because you’re here with me every week, learning more about that path. You thirst for the … Read more

Feeling selfish following your Soul? (esp. when you think it’s hurting others)

Does following your soul feel selfish, especially when you think you are hurting others

One of the most popular ways that people choose to work with me is to learn how to know the difference between their soul’s voice and their mind’s voice. This, in essence, is the tug of war that goes on within us whenever there’s a decision to make.   And the biggest struggle my clients go … Read more

Bullying Life Coaches – is this a thing now!?

Bullying life coaches - 5 bullying tactics to avoid

I’ve heard three different stories of life coaches being aggressive, demeaning, or downright abusive – just this week alone, and I’m honestly horrified! Apparently, October is also the National Bullying Prevention month, so let’s talk about it.   HAVE YOU HEARD OF THESE BEFORE? A coach who encouraged her client to go into debt to continue working together … Read more

Why you shouldn’t trust your Conscience! (and what to do instead…)

Why you should not trust your Conscience. And what to do instead

As you probably already know, our Conscience is one of our inner voices that guides us toward “rightness” or “wrongness” of our thoughts and behaviors. We use our Conscience as a tool for judgment between right and wrong. However, Have you ever considered where this Conscience comes from? And whether we should trust it implicitly? … Read more

Your “monkey-mind” is NOT the problem if you’re having trouble meditating!

Having trouble meditating? Your monkey-mind is NOT the problem!

Oh, we all know the vagaries of our wandering minds as soon as we sit for meditation! Well, it’s always wandering, but during meditation is when we seem to notice it the most :) When we sit for meditation is when: we remember the one thing we left off the grocery list we remember how our 4th … Read more

What is Spirituality? (simple question; not-so-simple answer)

What is Spirituality? Are you on a Spiritual Journey? Find out the difference between religion and spirituality... and more!

Have you ever tried to define for yourself what spirituality is? Or had an aha moment of recognition of what it is? What would YOU say spirituality is? You have to grow from the inside out. There is no other teacher but your own soul -Vivekananda Click To Tweet   Here’s a few of my … Read more

Is patriotism spiritual? (Caution: maybe controversial!)

Is patriotism spiritual?

What do you think? Is patriotism spiritual? Can it bring you closer to your soul’s path? Well it depends… Of course we love the country we’re born in or live in! And there seem to be plenty of patriotic movements around the world lately, and they seem to bring out the best and worst in … Read more

Feeling the weight of the Collective Global Anxiety? 3 Effective Ways to Calm Down!

Calm down in the face of Collective Global Anxiety

Everywhere I turn, there seems to be someone talking about their high levels of anxiety lately. I myself feel it, without even realizing it sometimes – the heaviness, the deep sighs that slip out, the feeling of carrying a burden… And when I examine it, it’s not even necessarily my own anxiety!    CONSIDER THE … Read more