3 Things Your Soul Is Not Meant To Be

Oh the tales we tell ourselves to justify our thoughts, words and actions – our stories, and of life itself.

But it’s only when we listen to our soul that we KNOW what’s real, what’s not. We always have this inner knowledge that’s guiding us all the time!

And yet…

we wonder, we worry, we stray, we suffer, we feel guilty, we feed our fears.


But there are some things your soul is just not meant to be!

1. Your soul is not meant to Suffer

Yes, we all have painful events in our lives – accidents, losses, even catastrophes. In fact, that’s how life teaches some of her lessons. But when your mind judges the event and labels it as good or bad, then you’re separating the event from the wholeness of life.

There is, of course, a purpose for suffering – it makes you feel empathy for others, it deepens your compassion, and it breaks your ego. But at some point, you’ll realize that suffering is unnecessary. The soul’s way is to align with joy.

True freedom happens when you end your suffering and live in the moment.


2. Your soul is not meant to feel Guilt

For some reason, we’ve been taught to use guilt as a gauge for what we’re supposed to do, how we’re supposed to act, and the way we’re supposed to behave. But guilt is a product of your mind and conscience. Guilt comes because there’s a conflict between your soul and your beliefs – your beliefs driven into you by religious expectations, your family’s judgments, or your society’s prejudices versus what your soul longs for.

As long as you’re trying to reconcile the two, there’s guilt. Once you make the decision to let your soul lead, then even if a guilty thought pops up, you’ll know not to let it drive your life – you’ll only notice it as a thought and let it pass.


3. Your soul is not meant to be a Victim

You’ve taken on a life on this planet in a certain place, a certain time, a certain family, a certain economy, and a certain society. All of these circumstances might seem like the cause of the events that happen to you – and so many people blame their circumstances for their condition in life. As long as they don’t take responsibility for their lives, they continue to act like victims. However, your journey is meant to learn from these situations.

Whether you can change your circumstances or not, the lesson your soul is here to learn is how to respond to your circumstances. Once you discover that secret, then life becomes exciting – you are empowered to create the life you want to live!


You have taken on a precious life on the planet, and to live the life your soul intended. So don’t let anything stop you from stepping forward on that path! If you feel like there’s something stopping you, or keeping you stuck, let me know in the comments below. And if you know someone who could use this message, please share!


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