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Have you ever wanted to step away from your life, for just a few minutes? (Even when you go on a vacation to get away from it all, did you realize that you actually hadn’t gotten away?)

Do you wish you could slow down, find some peace, and figure out what exactly your life is about, and if there is any meaning in it all?

Meditation is a practice that will help you get to the answers to your questions, which are all within yourself.

At its core, meditation is a mechanism to mind your mind – it can be used to observe the mind, understand the mind, soothe the mind, or to use the mind. Thousands of techniques have been developed over hundreds of years, but all you’re looking for is one technique that works for you, right?

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So let’s talk about why you’re here.

Did you want to meditate, but thought it was too boring, too rigid and structured? Who has time to sit and do nothing when there are so many other things to get to?

What if I told you that with meditation, the mundane can be magical, that stillness can be sublimely delicious, that solitude can be intensely whole and satisfying?

Meditation is not about sitting cross-legged for hours on end. Yes, for thousands of years, yogis and lamas, rishis and roshis, have renounced the world to go sit on tops of mountains or deep inside caves to chip away at their egos and outer selves, to see through to the light of their souls – their real selves. And they all make it look like such a serious business too!

But meditation is just as impactful and effective for everyday people with everyday lives. We can use meditation to create peace in our own lives, figure out the purpose of our lives, and to create a path to follow that purpose.

No – you don’t need discipline to meditate – only do it for the love of it.

No – meditation is not rigid – at all – it is very fluid, alive, exhilarating.

No – there are no rules to follow – serious books talk about posture and position, place and time, cushions and clocks – and even though all of those are good tools, you don’t really need them at all.

And forget all the scientific proofs and benefits – there are hundreds – but those are not good enough reasons to meditate if there’s no pleasure in it. The best kept secret of Meditation is that allows you:

  • To rest!
  • To heal!
  • To feel at home with yourself!
  • To unite with the universe!
  • To feel the pulse of life!!
  • To connect with your purpose!
  • To listen!
  • To receive!
  • To relax!
  • To restore!
  • To get back to the essence of yourself!!

You don’t need to pretend to be somebody else, or become somebody better, before you can start meditating. You can start right this moment, just as you are. Even a few minutes of meditation can have a profound impact on your day, and if you allow it, in your life.

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You can start as a curious seeker, or a deeper digger; you can come to see what it’s all about, or you can engage in figuring out the purpose and path of your life. I will meet you where you are. Come curious, with an open mind, and a have-fun attitude.

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And Breathe! You’ve taken your first step towards finding your true self.

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