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Why are you here?

You’re here because you’re drawn to creating more space for Peace, Presence and Purpose in your life. You know your life is more than the sum of your daily chores. You know there’s deep wisdom within you that’s longing to speak. You know that the pain and problems in your outer life are a reflection of your inner pain and longing that you may be stamping out. You know that if you can connect to that deepest part of your Self, your Soul, you’ll have the answers you need.


How I can help –

I created Nest In The Forest online (as well as in my own life) to walk this path of Peace, Presence and Purpose, when I realized that’s when my soul comes alive, that this is my deepest calling, that I wanted to create this community of like minded travelers on this journey, as well as follow that path myself in my own life.

So come, be my guest at the Nest, let me serve you in any way I can.


Here’s where you can begin:

1. I created a valuable set of FREE resources to help you see where you are on your path of Peace, Presence and Purpose. Simply sign up to get access:



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3. I coach Chrysalis souls to Break Open out of their Cocoons to become Butterflies, to overcome their past pain, to create a vision for themselves of who they are, and to find their purpose. My coaching tools are based on ancient Vedic practices that stood the test of time over thousands of years, and yet are entirely practical and relevant in the modern world, because of the innate wisdom they prompt within us. Are You Ready To Discover Your Dharma? email me: saiisha@nestintheforest.com


4. If we haven’t met on facebook yet, make sure to join the Old Souls Club now! It’s a small, growing community of old souls who are interested in topics including Dharma, Change, Wisdom, Spirituality, Practice, Intuition, Guidance, Joy… in essence, anything that helps to live more fully!


5. Or if you’d just like to drop me a Hello email, I’d love to hear from you: saiisha@nestintheforest.com



Lastly, here are some kind words and praise from people who are happy with my work:

“What I’ve gained most from our time together is a different and compelling vantage point of the context of my life and my purpose. You have brought a sense of peaceful simplicity to what seemed terribly complicated to me before, particularly where my work is concerned, and this has helped me to focus on what is most meaningful. Your genuine nature is evident, and I just keep coming back to the word “peace” – it’s palpable from your website and in every interaction with you.”

– Catherine, www.NaturalHealingConnection.com


“Before coming to you, I had a lot of confusion, questions, curiosity, and reservations – I wanted to work with someone genuine (a rarity these days). When I spoke with you, I knew you were feeling every word you were speaking. I could connect with you on every conversation (and email). Working with you was motivating, uplifting, spiritually stimulating – exactly what I was looking for. You went above and beyond what I paid for, and I hope to work with you again!”

-Sam Brogue


” I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for sharing your magic. I always gain a sense of calm and a deep connection, and I feel blessed that you share your knowledge. I have so much to learn from your teachings and I’m trying to incorporate them into the way I work, and my new venture of supporting women find and follow their path with purpose.”

– Michelle Preston, www.SimplyDynamic.org.uk



“I love the sense of peace and integrity I feel from the Nest In The Forest. The sharing of ideas and information is also something I really enjoy!”

-Beth, www.HannahBethCoaching.com





“I was drawn to your site! The name is significant to me, as I’ve been taken to a magical / spiritual forest before, this was a big part in propelling me on my quest to know more. I’m very excited and interested to be able to have someone to talk to and share thoughts, ideas and inspirations!”


-Karina Michele Heng



“I’m really thankful that you share your experiences, and give helpful and honest advice. Makes me think in a different way. I feel I am not alone. Thank you!”


Love, Florencia Levi



“With Nest In The Forest, I reconnect to some peace within; and find answers to some of my own questions.”

-Silvia Russo




“Your work is wonderful and really makes me think. Thank you for what you do!”

-Jennifer Nauck, www.JenniferNauck.com





And I’d be honored to help YOU along on your path of Peace, Presence and Purpose. Click here for more information.